Will Taking Darvocet N 100 Help With My Premature Ejaculation

Since we moved into our house 12 months ago we are blowing at least 1 light bulb per week as well as other electrical items such as Laptops, computers, microwave etc. We have a trip switch which goes off lots. And a new light bulb in our bedroom, the energy saving ones that when you turn it off still flashes for 5 minutes on and off. We had a new kitchen 6 months ago and fitted 6 halogen lights in our kitchen. Mainly as we were informed the bulbs last longer. We have already changed each one at least twice and now two more have blown. Last week, the lights attached to my cooker hood in the kitchen blew with such force my husband came rushing in to see what the explosion was. The national grid man came to check and told us we were receiving 250 - 247 volts. Which is high but not too high. We are currently awaiting results from the voltage meter they installed for a week. Is it normal to get 250 volts? We are using over 20 units a day. 3 bed detached house. My bills are huge. I

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Hey, this is normal. He'll get better with time. You getting off from him with just intercourse is probably a long shot anyway. Try some other things. Just try to make him feel alright about himself. Also, if you're on the pill, and he doesn't wear a condom there's going to be a lot more sensation for him. If he doesn't wear a condom, make him. It will help him last longer because it'll be less sensitive.

I would tell him to not hold back. I've had to tell partners in the past, that I enjoyed the sex much more---when they just let it all out...lol. Then, he'll build more of a stamina so he won't have to focus on not coming so soon.

When you think ur going to cum pull out, but keep her going so she doesn't lose it, at least ten mins to cool of should do the trick then pop him back in

Try using a prolonging cream or an erection keeper. http://www.edenfantasys.com/Slave.aspx?sid=1126&pcode=294 http://www.edenfantasys.com/Slave.aspx?sid=1122&pcode=294

There is a special condom that helps him last longer, But why don't yo try going on top . As for the foreplay sit him down and tell him if he can't even try then whats the use in you two having sexual relations. You might also try putting something he likes to eat on your virginal area.

this is an answer from a women's point of view, JUST ask him. all he can do is go home or Take you into his arms. that simple. why create drama when there is not need for it.

I dont think theres anything wrong with him, guys just dont last as they do in the movies or whatever. sex isnt all the media cracks it up to be. all the guys Ive known have only lasted a few minutes usually. they have to try really hard not to, like think about turn offs or stop for a few seconds then keep going.

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