On His Death Bed

ive been with my girl for almost 2 years and we hardly if at all ever have sex, its starting to make me feel ugly, depressed and not feel good at all about it, its really bothering me to the point i dont know how i should feel and how i am supposed to let her know without offending her or making her feel bad about it, cause if i make her feel bad about it she wont want to have sex at all, she says time and time again how she wants to and never follows through its really starting to bug me, she get me going and expecting it and then nothing, even last night i made a romantic night, flowers candles rose petals all over bed and she came in said awwww, took the rose petals off the bed and got in and gave me a kiss and just turned on the tv. i was very disappointed and i dont know what to do or how im supposed to make this work, it is really bothering me, please give me some feed back on how you would feel and what you would say or do. thank you :)

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He doesn't last because he's one big hormone. Both of you get out of the bed and let him cool off for while, before you do some serious damage,

- I'm 15 and I would be willing to date a year forward and a year back. 2 years forward maybe. But after college age hardly matters unless its really extreme. - I believe that self respect for your own body is key to attraction. If a girl respects herself enough to monitor what she eats and lives a healthy lifestyle. I will by attracted to her. - No. I am not picky but I don't like humongous. - I'm a virgin. - Her mind, if we have a mental connection especially if its sexual stuff, thats pretty cool. - I hear its a lot better if they swallow and deep throat. - I don't got no moves. - No, I just don't watch it. - Flirt, and do it well. - I dunno.

it is actually very normal what u r experiencing,just go for it,u will do just fine,trust ur instincts they will never lie to u.good luck.

when you first lose your virginity like you did, you shouldn't have expected to last too long. It's normal for a male to experience Premature Ejaculation the first time and sometimes a couple times after that. It's generally due to inexperience and the fact that you were probably so excited about having Intercourse. These two elements together can cause to get over excited and accidentally ejaculate before you really wanted/intended to.There are many methods out there that can help you better last, some that will take a while for you to see, but are worth the time and effort and some that can be done during every session, but only work a short time. Some short term methods you can use is, like quite a few other answers stated, masturbate before you have sexual intercourse. Do so far enough away from sex where you'll have regained your energy back so you can enjoy the experience and actually ejaculate. If your body is not properly rested, then it'll take forever for you to reach orgasm or you may be unable to at that time and have to wait to release. If you know that you don't regain your energy that easily, you may not want to do this so as not to take any chances on not being prepared next time you and your partner plan to do this. Another method available is the Stop and Go Method. This can be used both in Masturbation and in Sexual Intercourse. Whenever you feel yourself going to orgasm, pull out of your partner and continue stimulating her while you await your orgasm to fade away. After it has, reenter your partner and continue. You can do this as many times as needed until the desired time is reached. The only downside to this is that you could potentially lose your erection while you wait for your orgasm to die down or you'll orgasm anyway. A method that will take some time to show results is doing Kegel Exercises. Kegel Exercises help strengthen the PC muscles (the muscles that control ejaculation) and the muscles that control urination. They are NOT just for females so do not believe myths like that. I will list a few sites below that tell you how to correctly do Kegel Exercises and explain what it is in more depth. You can do more research online on How To Prevent Premature Ejaculation and things around this subject. There should be many free, accurate resources available to help you. Talk to your doctor if you are truly worried and want professional help, but this is something that will go away with time. It was only your first time and as you do it more and more, you'll notice yourself lasting longer. Your partner should be understanding either way. Hope this helps.

If you are a mature adult then the choice of viagara is yours. If you're a teen then you don't want to get "hooked" on viagara. You can last longer in bed if you j/o before you have sex, or j/o more frequently.

Have longer foreplay, and turn him on slowly. Then don't go mad when you're having sex, work your way up to top speed! lol

If you are a marathon runner then you are every women dream, just pla y it by ears now your main intrest is to ensure your partner climax as often as possible the more the betterbwhen she has enough she will say so then you can stop for a rest

If you really want info about premature ejaculation causes click here!

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