How Can I Make My Bf Last Longer In Bed

I guess I'm looking for answers from women from your experience. I thought I read somewhere that avergae was like 3-5 minutes which kind of surprised me b/c us guys almost all of us always brag like I was going forever, etc, etc, etc. Sure it's possible to delay it and go a long time by pulling out, stopping yourself, thinking about baseball, etc but just goign at it I think most guys wont last much longr than 10 minutes max without really trying not to.

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You're not helping! You are an attractive young lady! You have a man who does love you alot. I used to nut just as fast as him when i was in love, but always wanted to go again 5 min later cuz it lasted longer the 2nd time around. If you use condoms, then get the Trojans with the numbing cream in it. It will make him last for about 45 min. It really will help you alot if you really want him too last longer than 5 min. He needs to eat u out! That in itself is a big plus if he does cum fast. I love to eat out the woman and let her cum on my face multiple times b4 we go at it. Just add the foreplay and you will enjoy it more. Wish u were my girlfriend. I love to roleplay. LOL. And i love to watch you squirm. lol.

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No,my GF used to the same thing to me,it's all right to get mad,just keep it on the inside and don't release the anger on him lol

One thing that has worked time and time again is... Whenever he feels like he is getting close...take a brief break (he should only need a few seconds really). Use this break to switch positions. Also, experiment with different positions. Some positions just feel better! Also, condoms reduce sensitivity...use them! During fore not stimulate him at all! In not stimulate him during sex, either. Make sure he goes slow...this will be good for you, too.

shake one off about an hour before meeting up with her... :) take it long and slow... lots of foreplay... there are so many options...

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