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Even when I do it myself I go fast, but it never used to be like this. What's wrong? How can I change this?

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No, don't have that problem with boyfriend. The problem is with me, I can't get an orgasm. I would love to have sex about 3 times a week, but only get it 1 a week maybe that's the reason I can't get a orgasm. Waiting too long for it.

I'm a guy...but there has to be equal credit (blame?) here. LOL If the guy is healthy and you are a good partner...and so is he. Probably the best you can hope for is 3 0's out of him...and that might take an hour or more. Hope this helps. That doesn't mean he should lay back and take a nap...he should see to your needs so that you can "0" as much as you want.

Really??? I'll have to say...hes' gotta be good. That sounds horrible I know, but really when you think about it. Sex is THE most intimate experience that you and your spouse can have together. The experience of sex is just so amazing. He fits so well inside you and you move so well together you can almost become one person (for a good 30 minutes, hopefully longer!) When I have sex with my husband it feels like my heart is literally melting on his warm chest.We have a GREAT realtionship both in and out of bed! Its basically the package deal for me. In my realtionship here and now. So, I would really miss and need that connection. We are one of the VERY, VERY few that can use sex the way we do. If I was dating someone and we didn't move well together than I wouldn't stay with him. I hate when people say that sex isn't a big part of marriage. IT IS. How can it not be? Masturbating just isn't the same now that! You have to be able to connect spiritually...what better way!?!? (I'm sure there are some really good ways..but this one takes the cake don't you think!?) NOW, if my man had a small staff...well, that would kind of be a different story. I've been with both LARGE and SMALL and there are good things and there are bad things about each size...we could work around that one. But if he doesn't know how to move and there is no chance he will improve...thats just a sign that ain't meant to be!

1- forget to set alarm clock, or if for other reasons, 2- think of Rosie Odonell, Rosanne Barr, or the View--- but not for too long or permanent damage could result

masturbation is not a solution for premature ejaculation, masturbation it self can cause premature ejaculation because it will weaken his PC muscle ,when his PC muscle is weak that is when the real problem will start. why not try'' Squeeze Technique'' this is where a partner pinches the tip or base of the man penis before ejaculation.

Crazy girl, doesn't she realize she can cum again?! Most girls would KILL to have this problem! After she has an orgasm, just slow down a bit. It's very sensitive right afterward, but if you keep up with just gentle thrusting, she will get worked up and cum again. Ask her to just trust you, and try it once. Once she realizes she can have multiples, she'll be a very happy girl, and you won't have to worry about anything but lasting even longer! :)

Try to find preservatives to sensibility because they will help you to reduce the sensibility. Or clinics for men's health.

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