What Is A Good Way For Guy To Last Longer In Bed

We've been dating for 3 1/2 years, and for the past two he has been a 10 second man in bed. We broke up for 6 months, and I guess in that time he slept with someone else and claims he didnt have this problem. We got into an argument about it today and he blamed ME for it. He CLAIMS he went to a Dr. and the Doctor told him that its psychological (which I can believe) but he apparently told my boyfriend that it's due to "EMOTIONAL RELATIONSHIP TRAUMA"!!!! LOL. Of course, this hurt my feelings, the fact that he threw it in my face that Im the only person this happens with... but it makes me wonder if he was lying or not. In the beginning of our relationship he wasn't like this (wasnt great) but still could last at least 10 min. Our relationship hasn't been through anything seriously traumatizing. We argue, we break up and get back together here and there....but neither of us are abusive in any way, nor has there been any cheating. So I don't know exactly what he's referring to. I have been in tears all friggin day because of this stupid fight we had this morning. I can't even look at him nor do I ever want to sleep with him again (can you blame me?!) Has anyone ever heard of this before? Is he lying because I told him he sucks in bed and Im sick of it? (I said it nicer than that) I believe the conversation went: Him: "It's not my fault you're so grouchy in the mornings" Me: "Well maybe if you lasted longer than 10 seconds I'd be happier in the mornings".... I know rude, but what he said back was uncalled for in my opinion. Thanks for all of your opinions so far... I realize how rude and insensitive I sound, I am just so upset about it and I haven't talked to anyone about it. Him and I haven't talked since it happened. Whoever says it's a toxic relationship is right, it definitely is, just hard to get out of I guess. But big THANKS to your answers, it's really helped me feel better.

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dont worry about it dude, as long as you can recover in a couple minutes or keep on going for a longer time. Laugh it off, go down on her for a bit, and then go for take two.

just relaxx!! u dont have to finish. in bed if u want u would never finish!! so its UR choice to finish or not!! but if u want advice for her to like havin sex with u, than u gotta be more carefull!!! like nipple at her nick.do some lickin, give her a french kiss.AND dont push ur as* too fast caz that hurts our (grls) vagina!! and touch her nicly and slowly!!(u know whr! ;p) yep that all!

Shes stupid you gave your girlfriend 3 or 4 orgams in one session... haha wtf? Maybe you should try different positions and change it up so she do other things to spice it up so she doesnt get bored with doing it so long or something. OMG haha that makes no sence ALSOOOO when shes yelling at you or criticizing you your more unlikely to have an orgasm. you need to feel like shes enjoying it as much as you are but deff try positions and tricks doesnt have to be kinky just try it...

try a c**k ring. They are stretchy and go at the bottom of his shaft. They hold the blood there so that he lasts longer. The can also come with a vibrating bullet for your pleasure.

changing your pace and positions every so often would help retard the ejacualtion. also wearing condoms would help prolong it.

Are you out of shape? Sounds as though you are. Get into an exercise program, sex is much the same, you must build strength and stamina.

Sex is 80% mental. When you get into it, dont think about sex. Think about baseball and you will last much longer. Try it!

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