Is It Common To Barely Speak To Your Spouse

I've been dating this girl for a while and we just started having sex. I lost my virginity to her and we've done it about 6 or 7 times. I've been having trouble lasting more than a few mins when we get down to business. Do you guys have any advice on how I can last longer?? I need help desperately.

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I would tell him to not hold back. I've had to tell partners in the past, that I enjoyed the sex much more---when they just let it all Then, he'll build more of a stamina so he won't have to focus on not coming so soon.

Tanning bed tans generally do last longer and are darker, but look far less natural. I personally am strongly against tanning beds, they are costly, dangerous, and not nearly as fun as just being active outside or going to the beach.

FOREPLAY.... women need a warm up, start off slow and work up to the finish, lots of teasing in between. If you take the time to give her a work up, it will be a lot less work to finish it. promise.

my god!!! nasel delivery "last longer" product?? Dont buy into stupid stuff like that! You need to learn to control your orgasm and your emotions during sex. When you feel like you are going to orgasm, start thinking of something that almost turns you off. Sometimes when im about to ejaculate, i think of this video i seen on youtube of a fat, almost naked, women eating a whole turkey by herself. That really takes away my overexcitement and gets me to last longer. Breathing techniques also help. Try holding your breath when you feel like you are going to come. AFter the sensations subside, take deep breaths and exhale very slowly. IT really works, but takes time to master. I can now last as long as i want in bed with no worries whatsoever.

You have a way with words. Watch your run-on sentences in some places. And try to limit some of your wordiness. At times, you can convey the same picture with fewer words. That way, when you do paint a broad picture with your words it will be more meaningful. Your story has captured my interest. Very well done so far.

Because they're pigs.... I left my bf because it was long distance.. He lasted 2 seconds in bed and he was cheating so he was having sex with someone else AND me.. and he lied all the time and hes a jerkoff. He turned me gay.

when you urinate, physically try to to stop the flow of urine then let it start again. Do the same exercise throughout the period of your day when your not urinating and in repeat this 15 to 20 times, 3 times a day, these are called perineum exercises and will prolong your orgasm. remember: squeeze and release squeeze and release, thats all there is to it.

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