My Boyfriend Has A Little Problem In Bed Help

i have a big problem i cant last that long in bed and its like uncontrollable how can i last longer to please my wife?

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Have him train himself by masturbating and stopping just before cumming, waiting until the urge comes down then doing it again. Repeat the process and it should help.

I guess he likes being able to pick and choose women in this way, which has now become a habit of his. He needs to get out more I guess.

I would far rather have a man who lasted a long time in bed than one who was a minute man. A man who lasts a while and uses his time wisely is the only man a woman will ever need or want. Learn to be the total package and satisfy your woman from head to toe taking advantage of the fine gift you have been blessed with. You dah man! =)

Ummm maybe it's the girl is she ugly? Are you nervous? It could be lots of things The guy above seems to know what he is talking about because i have had a guy do the same in the past when we was about to bust

Men have sex independently of "liking" you. If he liked you, he will ask you out. If he did not, then he won't. The first night sex did not "ruin" your chances.

I am with you. A marathon makes me tired and sore!!! if you are properly stimulated before you hit the bed, it should not take hours and hours. Why don't they realize that foreplay starts way before we hit the sack. If they are giving us the attention and affection we need prior to having sex with them, it does not take a marathon to make us happy.

why dont you want to have sex? its amazing.... but i agree that i dont believe you're 18.... just because in school they would teach you all about that stuff before you are actually 18. i think you should plan one night to experiment with alot of this stuff.. maybe not sex becuase it sounds like his member scares you a bit lol... but just get really touchy and see what eachother likes and doesnt like... if yuo're 18 you are going to want to get into this alot more once you start lol.

A little bit of Tiger balm.lolololo it will numb it enough for you to go for hrs.lololol, But if you really want to accomplish this, first you need to work her to the max and then when she is almost there you go at it. Sex is a matter of two people and knowing exactly what your partner wants. I for one will love you to hell just for the fact that she worries you so much, and that all you want to do is please her. Good luck and remember ((((Just a touch of Tiger balm)))))lolololo

You should try the Trojan C*ck rings vibrators. They will help him stay up longer while providing a more intense feeling for both of you, hopefully getting you both off faster. Havent tried them yet but I hear they're killer

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