How Can You Get Your Guy To Last Longer In Bed

I want to last longer in bed. I always climax with in 2 minutes...What can I do? Can I stop premature ejaculation? Can I become an ejaculation master? By the way, my girlfriend broke up with me last week:(

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last longer...who cares about recovery they can do that when the job is completely finished. think about the ladies they arent in it just to make you feel better most woman are bigger horn dogs than guys.

You do not need herbal remedies at all:you need to practice the start and stop technique. Start having sex:till the point of almost climaxing:divert your mind totally from it. Think of putting the trash outside or doing Margareth Thatcher. That will stop you from coming. Then reload your engines again and carry on. You can keep this up very very long. Success:Chaos

First, it should be noted that on average the actual act of sex (penetration to ejaculation) lasts between 4-8 minutes. If you fall within that range, you shouldn't stress over it. There's a lot of other ways to have fun before and after ejaculation. Now for tips on how to last longer. If you don't use a condom, using one will decrease your sensitivity and help you last longer. There are also desensitizers out there. They are tropical creams that numbs the tip of your penis. I've never tried it so I can't tell you how well they work. The best tip is to give it time and practice by having more sex. At 15, I had little control over my ejaculations but at 28, I have much better control and can now last as long as I want. Practice makes perfect and in this case, even the practice can be a lot of fun.

u just need to check out whether u r still dat much hot as u were. if not den try to be. it'll giv him pleasure if u seduce him in his good mood. thats it.! he may be in some sort of big problem.

Two hours isn't that long. He's probably busy, or maybe he's doing the exact same thing as you -- not answering right away so he doesn't look like he's waiting for a text from you. I wouldn't worry too much, I'm sure you'll hear back from him sooner or later.

Have 2 rounds of sex. First one to relieve the premature ejaculation and the second one for enjoyment. But if you are younger, the second one maybe enjoyable to you, but as you grow older, the next one after the first round isn't fun anymore. Usually, as you age, you can last longer. If your sperm is finished, you won't enjoy your sex too. So you have to control you ejaculation. Take you mind away from it while having sex.

My suggestion would be to give him head or a hand job beforehand, and then hopefully not too long thereafter, he will be able to last for a much longer period of time. Also, tell him while you're having sex that he should let you know when he's about to c*m, and STOP exactly what you're doing for about 15 seconds, more if you want, and keep going. Keep this up and after as many times of stopping and starting as you want, when he finally makes it, not only will he have lasted longer, but it will be much more intense for the both of you.

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