How Do I Make My Guy Last Longer

We've been together a little less than a year and at first we would have sex for an hour but now he only lasts like 5 minutes and even if we have sex soon afterwards it doesnt last much longer. why could this be? we have sex prob like five days out of the week 1-2times a day

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Depends on how good it is. I can go 24/7 forever with a guy that knows how to just hold me right. And let me tell you, there's not many!!!

Its probably a good idea for him to see a doctor to make sure its not some medical problem causing this. If not he needs to train himself to control it. Have him practice by masturbating and getting close and then stopping.this may help. I'm not absolutely sure, I never had a premature ejaculation problem, not bragging just telling the truth.

after a while ask the girl if she is close and tell her to tell u when she is ready and ull go together,its better that way

Men don't suffer from premature ejaculation, women do! Think about it; he already came, he got what he're the one left hanging!

yes it will... I would tell u that u should train ur penis...when u are by urself bring urself to the point where u are about to come and stop and then do it again...repeat a few time and then when u are with a woman u should last longer...this will take a few months of train...

Try to think about other think, sure it works. Maybe you can thinking about your job, your hobby or something, it would help you to share your focus. And to support it from inside you can take natural supplement that may be able to help cure your premature ejaculation problem. I know about this from my friend, he try it and get the good result of it. I hope this answer will help you. Good luck!

well you need to talk with him about putting in more work. Also you may want to get some toys for yourself. If you want to make him jealous get something bigger than him, and when he complains you let him know that if he doesn't do a good job, something else will do for him. You can also let him use the toys on you.

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