How Can I Last Long In Bed

he can only go once a day but not for very long. i like it fast but then its done and over with and when we go slow im still horny afterwards when hes done. is there anything i or we can do to make it last longer.

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some men really can't help it. I dont believe it has anything to do with you. I also think it is really embarassing for a man to admit to it. So that's why he put the blame on you. I know it is very frustrating. But hey look at it this way, atleast he is in to you. Do some research on line and see what help you can get for him. I doubt he has any control over it. Trust me if all men did , us women would be up all night.

thanks for posting this...i needing something to pass the time and this did it!! i even laughed a little. i even tested my brother on some stuff. thanks for helping out the bored!! aloha! edit...haha, this fact was listed twice "Coca Cola was originally green."...the only difference is one has a hyphen and the other doesnt.

yeah i used to have this problem its a really easy solution. what you do is you take some fish line rope and tie off the two dangeling hombres. then you clamp the pecker on the end and procede to apply pressure to the top and bottom of the shaft. once you finish that cut the fish line with weed wackers and keep the clamp on (tighten if necessary.) now your gunna stick the whole thing in a freezer for about five minutes. then once that finishes drop hot as hell water on his junk and then quickly release the clamp. the first time adds about 10 minutes on to the clock. another additional 5 minutes every time you repeat.

Get 2 a or it will fall off!!!! DUNDUNDUN!!!!! Just kidding. go to a hospital, they will know what to do, or try sucking "IT" in and thinking about fat people and stuff.

well i don't recommend the masturbating before hand because it can cause you not to get up but for me if im bout to cum ill stop and switch up positions

I don't think its you, and I don't think its his weight. It's something in his head. My bf is about that weight and he lasts 20-40 minutes. He needs to practice lasting longer on his own, and also learn to slow down or stop when he feels like he's close.

Try doing other things first if you don't already. You know, manually, orally, etc, or you could use toys. Let him use a toy on you first before "he", himself, does. He may really enjoy doing this to you. Then you have more time like you want. Guys only seem to go on and on and on in porn movies. I think it's pretty common for a woman to outlast a man. Usually women take a little longer to warm up. Guys are usually ready and willing!

Sounds like he is an alcoholic. Also after you got married he feels you are now trapped with him so he can behave as badly as he wants. He will make all the excuses in the world but just keep on being the way he is now. It is typical behavior from an alcoholic. Sounds like he needs treatment. But unless he is willing to admit he has a problem and try to change because he wants to he won't change. As for his kids since you two have only been together for 10 months total (you said you married after 1 month, and have been married 9 months) it is perfectly normal that there are 'blended family' issues going on. You and their dad should have dated longer to get them more used to the idea..... sounds like a mess. Good luck.

I just answered this question (the first time you posted it) this morning, and I think it is good advice. Go back and read it please, and it might be the answer you are looking for.

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