I Need To Last Longer In Bed Any Suggestions Girls Only Please

like i ear of ppl saying that after a 5min bj they came...O.o my gf gave me close to a 20min bj... Sex wise... AGAIN ppl are talking about not spending to much time, yet i hve last close to 35+ min... Is this bad? Does this leave a negative idea in the womens head about how she did? O.o i just dont get it...Can masterbating ALOT(about 2-3times a day in a row) from like the age of about 11ish-12 b the reason?

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1) Sex can make a relationship last longer but sometimes in doing so, the relationship becomes based entirely on sex and probably won't last that long. 2) I had read somewhere before that the strength of the sex drive depends on the age of the individuals. When they're younger, the guys have the stronger sex drive but as we mature the women reach their peak as the guys decide that its time to cool down a bit. This of course can vary on a case to case basis, but overall, it depends on age.

thats really mean of you to say.. maybe she deserves better than you??? maybe YOUR not good enough in bed? dont compare your gf to other girls, you should be lucky to have her, eventually it wont hurt her as much.

Relationships are forever. My wife and I have been together in past lives. Believe me, a variety of "psychics" (including her Gnostic brother) have confirmed this without us having to ask the question at all! We do become separated in space-time from the other realms, and really miss our soul-mates when they pass. Such a headstone etching as "Unkown to God" simply reveals the ignorance of those in her family. Their headstone should be etched, "Ignorance Prevailed!" Learn how to psychically communicate with the other side and when you finally see her smiling young face, and are able to speak to her mentally and obtain responses, you will truly understand what I have said here. Homosexuality is not an illness or a condition condemned by God. The Bible itself has been edited subtly by approximately 8% over the centuries, with scriptures often changed slightly to reflect the "beliefs and agendas" of the church prelates. In the 1500s Irish monks werehidden away and given the task of incorporating slanted margin notes into the Bible, notes that were made in the vatican. Homosexuality has its origin in the Lemurian age, the third root race that was extremely physical and sexual. That to the point of so much sex that it was of chronically epidemic proportions, and men would go with men, and women with women, when the opporsite sex was not available. Not that different from the prison population happenings these days! This is a historic inclination that will gradually be outgrown by the human race since it has passed through the Atlantean root race and is now nearing the end of the Aryan or fifth root race. There is no shame. Only ignorance views homosexulaity with "Ungodly" filters! I can tell you with certainty, Gwenneth B. NOW knows all this and much more! A hug for you and a kiss from your big brother...

toys, toys, toys, and lots of variety, try someting new, and ask her what she would like you to do, try role playing....GOOD LUCK!!

I really wanna read it now! xD It sounds great. You should write it- I know I'd buy it. And I don't think the title's too long- it just isn't very catchy. Maybe something like "Pause" or "Press Play"

guys sometimes finish faster when they are excited , make him feel relaxed ,try foreplay, massages. tell him what/where it makes you feel good. he will hit the g spot u will see,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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