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so ive had 13 partners, im 18, sex isnt new to me, with some girls i was able to have sex for virtually however long i wanted to, sometimes hours, i could control the orgasm, i have a new gf, and she is tight as hell! i can barely last a minute or 2, the last time we had sex, i masterbaited twice earlier that day, and i still came in like a min and a half, i really have no clue why aside from the fact that shes super tight, so i need to last longer, its a personal thing, she told me every guy has said she was really tight and the longest shes had sex is 3 minutes so she doesnt care, but i still think its kind of ridiculos that i cant go very long with her so i need some good tips on how not to cum! any help?

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yea im sorry for you. you may be experiencing love but.... you can experience love for more then one person. the best thing you can do is find someone else to love. this is quite weird yet you seem sincere. theres plenty of nice guys out there im sure youll find a suitable one

It's not wrong, it's just not normal. I would think being poked at repeatedly for 2 hours would be both tiring and painful for a girl - and probably a bit boring. I'd certainly hope you were helping the poor lass out with some extra lubricant at some point in there as well.

why not try foreplay, instead of just jumping right in. Im sure your lady would love some hugging, kissing, cuddling, heavy petting, oral, any thing but intercourse. Then and only then do you venture into the valley of happiness. Then when you feel like you gonna explode....STOP and proceed with more foreplay, rinse and repeat two or tree more times. Then when you do get your release, you will be painting the ceiling my friend.

I'd say masturbation and also practicing delayed-ejaculation. I've never tried it but I read while masturbating, before you come, just stop. Think of something else, waves crashing at the beach, anything to take your mind off what you're doing. Then start back again and repeat. It takes a lot of practice but apparently the results would be exactly what you're looking for.

my ex and i tried a cream. basicly all of these methods work by numbing you. on the bright side, i could last for a long time. on the downside, when i finally did climax i couldnt feel it. to me i was better working with what i had, and enjoying it instead. just make sure your partner is satisfied with oral or toys.

One thing you could do is slow down. It's not the special creams or anything. Before you get down to business, maybe pull one out so that you can focus on her. Get her going and by the time she's ready to get it on, you'll be ready too. Good luck.

The answer is maybe. A hand job is not the same feeling as vaginal intercourse, nor does it have the same lead up. You need to learn to control your prostate and that isn't easy, so if you learn to feel the prelude and can stop and start, and stop, and start... you might learn to control it. Like I said, it isn't easy. The bigger thing is the romancing and make-out prior to sex is already going to have you pre-charged. Some ladies like knowing they turn you on so much you are ready to explode, on the other hand some like it to last a little longer. Put it this way, after 15 minutes max, her natural lube is all gone so you have a limited time anyway. Use the pre-intercourse to get her off then she will want it short and hot anyway.

Have him prcatice his breathing technique. The more deeply you breathe, the longer it can last. Also, make him stop just before he cums, that way, he can keep going, and his orgasm will feel more intense.

I am in my 30's and still get off like a teenage boy. I've never taken a pill either. The best advise, for him anyway is to make the first one as exciting as 5 minutes can be and focus on round 2. That's if he wants to get you off, which I hope he does. Don't forget the raincoat. have fun.

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