The Guy Iamp39m Dating Is A Smoker And Its Hurting Our Sex Life What Can I Do To Get Him To Last Longer In Bed

What is the possibility a woman who has been married for the past 15years having access to sex daily. what is the possibility she has not had sex if she is in an unhappy it possible she has controlled her sex desire for the past 4-5months. remember she is no longer happy with her partner of 15 yrs and has had him living in the same home AND SLEEPING ON THE SAME BED.And if her man got on to her SHE JUST GIVEN HER HAND JOB. and if she cheated on her husband because she wanted to try different men. what is the possibility she can go this long or longer without sex.Is it or is it not emotional for a woman to give her self to a man? even though she been with her ex while being married.

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being a virgin isnt bad. its good, because when you get married, you and that speacial person would share that... and like you wouldnt be going around letting everybody suck you.... so like ABTINEnCE... or w/e its called

there is no average.... a woman just expects a man to last until she's done. If you're synchronised and arrive on time, that's all you need.

I guess it's to late 2 say this but you should never let a child sleep in the bed with you and your husband. I made that mistake with my 9 year old when he was 2 and he still has problems sleeping alone. Break the habit now before it's 2 late or the child will have problems comforting himself and will have problems being alone. Not to mention breaking into your alone time with your husband.

The more you get to do it the less sensitive you get and will last longer. Chaos, Read about the start and stop technique and kegel exercises. They are a big help. Chaos

Make him cum twice. Give him head till he blows and then stay down on him, get him hard again and then he'll last longer the second time around.

wow This is so stupid i cannot even come up with any encouraging long have you been married? did you get married like 2 weeks after dating? why did you even get married in the first place if you were just going to let another dude rub his "thing" on you? Do you even uinderstand the concept of marriage? You MARRIED this man for better or for don't just "dump" your husband over something like "dump" a can divorce him but may i suggest you put a little more thought into the next person that you marry?

Sometimes, guys can blow their load fast. You don't understand how good it feels in there lol Focus on foreplay (oral mostly) and let him come. After that, he can go down on you and make you climax. By then(10-20min) he should be hard again and he can pound away and last longer than if he hadn't orgasmed b4.

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