Whats The Average Time For A Man In Bed

wat can i do with my boyfriend that with make him last long

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It also depends on what positions you are using. A safe bet for keeping him in the game longer is riding him when hes laying flat on his back. also, pick up these, I use them and my gf love them ;) Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris. It'll cost about 20 bucks for 180 capsules Its an all natural pill so no worries

Well, for me from personal experience, if there is no sex in a relationship then that relationship isn't going anywhere. For me, sex is taking the relationship to the next step and showing how much you care for each other. I am, if she really loves you then why is she not willing to take that step. The best advice i can give you is talk to her about and where the relationsip is going.

Jerk off a half hour before having sex It makes it more difficult to blow your load again, you last longer automatically and you can't make your dick bigger, sorry

tell him to slow down and let you know when he feels like he's getting close to cvmming. Then, change positions. Keep this up until he finally does come. Also, you might tell him to practice "rubbing one out". Please himself almost to the point of ejaculation then denying himself for a few minutes and starting up again to the point of rubbing it almost all the way out. He should repeat this process for at least 20 or thirty minutes or so then allow himself to come. This will train his body to last longer for you....

You must got some good stuff, LOL 1) If you're using a condom, use a thicker one 2)Durex Performax has a desensitizer lube on it that helps a man prolong his ejaculation 3)Have him do you in a postion that he doesn't ejaculate so fast. Maybe he will last longer if you're on top vs. him on top

I have a very satisfying love life and my husband doesnt last long in bed either. As long as the quality is good, i dont believe the length of the interlude should matter. We go for hours (sorry that sounds crude too) but just because he is finished quick doesnt make it a bad experience. I have heard from Dr. Ruth (on TV) that the average man only lasts 2mins.. sooooooo rock on dude!! Good luck!

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