Does Anyone Know Of Pill Sold In Stores To Prevent Ejaculating To Quickly

I know Extenze is supposed to make a man bigger and all, but I dont really care about that. I need to be able to last longer in bed because something is wrong with me... I was thinking about buying extenze this weekend, but if it doesn't make a man last longer in bed it is no use to me. Does anyone know from experience if it does? Or should i look into some other type of pill? thanks...

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Try jerkin it before sex. "Rub out the easy one" as they say. Or, you can get performance condoms. They are a bit thicker I think, dull the sensation a little. Durex makes some called "Performax" I believe. They also apparently have condoms that have numbing lube, but I havn't tried them.

He really need to acknowledge this and work with you on fixing it. It's a self control issue, and men saying it's the woman fault bc they are too sexy or they got them too excited is bull. They are not helpless to this, they just don't see an issue. Same result and less work, then off to sleep. He needs to work on getting you off to. I'd do as little foreplay prior as possible until he learns to be more in control.

ok well it will get better with age! but as a female foreplay is more important to women then actual sex! learn how to be great at it and you will be great even if you only last a min! best of luck!

It's not uncommon for a guys to last only a couple of minutes in actual intercourse that is why I almost always get the girl to orgasm before I have even started intercourse. So maybe he needs to do more foreplay to you before the intercourse.

You do not have premature ejaculation, first of all. Unless, you squirt before orgasm. that's what PE is. If you just come fast, then that is something different. If you're penis is sensitive, you may need to try some desensitizing methods and exorcises. 1. You need to determine whether you are circumcised or not. Many guys who are not circumcised may be more sensitive than those who have been cut. The guys that have been fully cut develope a callous-like layer of skin that makes them less sensitive than guys who are intact. If you are intact this may be the cause of you coming quickly. Meaning, you just feel the sensations, but more intensely. That doesn't mean you need to run out and cut off part of your dick though. 2. Using condoms may help with the sensitivity issue, whether you are cut or not. Some companies make condoms that help you last longer because they are lined with desensitizing gels that numb the penis a little. Also a thicker condom may help the sensation feel less intense. 3. Masturbate. Not like the usual quicky you may do; but a long, wet, slow experience. This will help not only to get your penis used to the handling, but it will allow you to understand how to handle your penis. You'll know what helps build you up, and what pushes you over the edge. Keep in mind this takes some getting used to, and results aren't overnight. This helps desensitize you over the long term. Also make sure you have time and space, all to yourself, to do this. Start out and see how long it takes you to pop. Then, add 15-30 seconds every time after. Before you know it, you'll be slowly stroking for 2 hours! This activity you can also have your girlfriend help you with, if she is willing to help. 4. Control your excitement. Getting too excited, or even too nervous, will cause problems. Some guys pop too soon, and some guy's can't pop at all. Remember to breathe and slow down. Relax. Take your time. Focus on your partner, even if that means pulling out or stopping to kiss them, or take a breather. Hope that helps you some!

This is called keegles and, yes, it does help both sexes. It works this way, because there is muscle tissue in your urinary tract, and ass the urine moves through the urethra, those muscles contract or expand. By expanding those muscles, you are stopping the flow of urine, and by doing this, it trains your body to automatically shut off the flow of urine by keeping the muscle in its expanded state while not in use. It really does help, and every time, hold the urine in for longer and longer, until you can stop stop urinating in the middle of relieving yourself, and do something else with no difficulty.

I had the same problem... was never able to last more than a couple of pumps, and it sucked... things have completely turned around, thanks to ejaculation control exercises... give them a try

the seamen tubes and urine tubes are different... they are not linked or related... stopping urinating only stings... and causes discomfort in most males... its hard to stop!!!

Not sure how personal I can get here but I will try. Sex is the very last thing you do. When you feel like you cannot wait another second. Your girl needs tons of foreplay....until you hear her whinning for you to enter her. Then it will not matter how quick you are. If you release before her...make certain you go back and finish off what you started with her otherwise why would she want to be bothered having sex with you? Make certain that you both release - it does not have to be at the same time. You just need to be a willing partner until she releases with you. Try to get from her what she likes you to do..most girls are shy at first but will eventually tell you. Be very careful that she is not faking a release....tell her you want to please her too.

Erection problems make a guy failure Not do anything special for her pleasure (licking etc) Early ejaculation is also consider a failure to leave unsatisfied a girl Its different depend on girl's choice Lack of sexual like and dislike observations The mot simportant thing make a bad is to forget to take high quality condoms

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Does Anyone Know Of Pill Sold In Stores To Prevent Ejaculating To Quickly

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