Why Do I Not Last Long In Bed Anymore Can Someone Tell Me

ok so my gf got in an accident a long time ago and has a hip that will constantly dislocate if too much pressure is put on it for extended time. now here's where it gets tricky, i know woman like it better if guys last long in bed but if we got at it for a while then her hip starts to hurt. i dont want to be a selfish lover, so i've tried extended foreplay and trying other things but is there anything else i can do? any suggestions what to do?

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jack off once before you have sex, maybe an hour before. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100715204938AAhUwf2&r=w

i feel like maybe i came across this question for a reason, totally by accident, and i hope my words will help. i know you feel hopeless right now, and sometimes the bombardment of thoughts can be overwhelming, but i promise there is hope on the horizon! i'll give you a little background on myself first. i'm a 28 year old male. i met my now ex-wife in high school at the age of 16. we thought we had fallen in love (at that age what do we really know about love? i know i still had a lot to learn). at the age of 19 we had a daughter and decided to get married. even though we had been rushed into the marriage it was still what we had planned, and we were "happy." we were going through the paces of what we had been taught was a happy life. we had a second child, our son at 21, and we couldn't of been happier, we thought. after we had been married a few years i became depressed "for no reason" because i thought i had what everyone wanted. a wife, two healthy, intelligent children, a house..but something was lacking. love, a bond, a partnership. we had grown apart, or had never even grown together, we were wrong for each other from the beginning. anyways, to make a long story short, it took me FOUR MORE YEARS to finally realize we needed to part our ways. i was so scared to split up the family, and so was she. we had been taught till death do you part, you suffer through it all, "it isn't supposed to be easy" they said. it should be easy, when you find the right one, things flow incredibly. we finallyseparated after none years together. it took some getting used to at first, scheduling time with the children, we did it all 50/50 when our schedules permitted. i was so scared on the damage it might cause to the growth of our children who were 6 and 4 years old at the time of the divorce. but now it is nearly three years later, our kids have never been happier, my relationship with them has improved ten-fold. the dark cloud that was hanging over my head was lifted. they see their dad happy. i felt like myself again, i was inspired by life, i made music, created art, found my own strength. i rid myself of the fear of dying alone and began to experience life without the negative point of view we have been taught by our culture since birth. i began to think positively, project out a loving signal, the "law of Attraction": the kind of energy you put out will be the energy that returns to you; if you don't trust people, you will meet untrustworthy people; if you project a positive, loving energy, this will come to you. one night, a year and a half after the divorce, i was playing a small concert at a club. i play the drums. after the show i was introduced to an old friend of a friend from the past, the most beautiful woman i have ever laid eyes on. we both looked at each other and knew, we embraced each other in a hug and instantly started kissing - now, i had never done this before, i am a more reserved, private person, so is she, and we both like to get to know someone for a bit, hug maybe, hold hands, but this!? we were dumbfounded, the energy we felt was unreal. the most amazing thing was that we weren't even looking for someone, we were aware enough to pay attention to what was around us, and not blinded by our "search" or "need" to find someone. we have been together ever since, only apart for two nights, until we couldn't take it any longer and moved in together. she was separating with an unhappy marriage at the time, and had one son. everything has gone so smooth, after some minor struggles with x's which are inevitable...the kids get along great, i love her son like my own, and she loves mine the same. get this, her son is ten days younger than my daughter, his name is Aidan, her name is Jaiden. the synchronisities keep piling up. we make each other better people, we highlight each others strenghts and weakness perfectly, we get along great. we have minor squabbles, and healthy bickering, but nothing damaging. i enjoy fighting with her more than i like hanging around with most people, it's a joy just to be around her. we have grown together, and into the people we have always wanted to be but were held back by others before, we can say anything, think anything, share any feeling, our love-making is magical, a cosmic connection i had never felt or dreamed i would feel. you will have this all too! i know you feel stuck, but if you think positively and feel your inner strength that has always been there, you will find everything you've ever dreamed of. for me, it's even better than i could have dreamed. just follow your heart, not your fears. i mean, you knew you didn't love him from the beginning, but obviously you were meant to know each other for some time, to make a beautiful child together. just know, it's ok to be wrong, to change your mind, find yourself again. opposites don't attract (that just works for the electrical charge in a neuron, humans are magnets, we will attract like charges, and repel the o

You've got the Kavorka! It means you have animal magnetism. Natural charisma. People are just drawn to you. Relationships usually fall apart because of one or more of the following 4 things: Communication, Trust, Honesty and Sex. So if they left you its because they didn't think you were the right person for them. I think you could make an effort to exercise more to shed some weight. Do lots of cardio (running, biking, swimming). The breast augmentation surgery will be necessary if you want to have evenly proportioned breasts.

Don't buy a toy it makes alot of us guys feel like were not man enough. Try alcohol or some other numbing factor. I personally think a toy is my replacement so wow let me buy your new joy toy some batteries? Or a drink what are we suppose to think? Baby oral gel get my drift and if I could go for hours I would be a happy man. I'm happy to go for 10 to 15 minutes anything less I feel like wow foreplay was longer.

Try using a prolonging cream or an erection keeper. http://www.edenfantasys.com/Slave.aspx?sid=1126&pcode=294 http://www.edenfantasys.com/Slave.aspx?sid=1122&pcode=294

Statistics point to yes. Here's why: When a man (as an infant) is circumcised, the glans (head of the penis) loses it's protective "hood". As a result of this, after years of rubbing against underwear and leg skin, the glans becomes less sensitive than the glans of a man who hasn't been butchered, err I mean circumcised. Therefore the uncircumcised man should go off quicker because he hasn't got a dried out, de-sensitised donger. Obviously most women desire a man who can last for more than 30 seconds, so maybe you should stick with the "cut" men.

Oh whatever guys always exaggerate by saying "hours". I'm sure very few people could go for hours without ejaculating and even if they could, well the girl might get bored. I mean I guess you could go multiples times within that hour... But I wouldn't worry about it if I were you and definitely do not let it freak you out. Just make those 5-7 minutes awesome. An awesome 5-7 minutes is better than hours of ripping, being bored, and getting all dried out. Haha. Good luck. :o)

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