What Kind Of Pills Or Supplements I Can Use To Have A Harder Erection And Last Longer In Bed

Why a big penis is better: -Its girth and width provides alot of friction against my vaginal lips, and the stimulation is incredibly pleasing as a result! -Its length penetrates me deeply so that way all parts of my vagina are being stimulated. -The girth and length combine to create a feeling of fullness in my vagina that is almost unmatched! -In my expierence, a man with a long, thick penis has harder erections-which adds even more friction and stimulation against my vaginal lips and creates an even more pleasurable sensation! And also, because a man lasts longer in bed when his erection is harder, well endowed men with there rock-hard erections last longer than less endowed men! -Also in my expierence, men who are well endowed can shoot out semen faster then men who are less endowed. I can't explain why, but I but men with big dicks tend to be "shooters" while men with small dicks tend to be "dribblers." Seeing a man "shoot" his load is in itself a huge turnon, but feeling all that warm, thick semen rapidly fill up my vagina as I'm completely filled up by his large penis just makes me lean my head back and let out cries of ecstacy and passion!!! To me, THIS is the ULTIMATE sexual feeling! -A big penis is more pleasurable from an oral standpoint as well. There's just more flesh to suck and lick, and I love getting a nice creamy treat at the end of it all! The only "con" that could come out of a big penis is if it is so big that it starts to hurt, and even then, a woman would have to have a very small pussy or just isn't wet enough in order for that to happen. But with me, my vagina is average sized (6 inches deep, 2 inches wide), and I'm ALWAYS wet enough, so I can take any penis 9 inches long or less and 7 inches thick or less with no problem! If you want to know why a short, thin penis just doesn't work, take every reason why a long, thick penis is so great and flip it around. There are NO pro's to a small penis! They just provide LITTLE to NO SOURCE of stimulation and pleasure! Without a doubt, penis size matters, and the bigger it is, the better sex becomes!

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um...if he brags then the attitude itself turns me off. if you were just grinding and...um...yeah. idk. not normal compared to other guys...ill tell you that for sure.

For most men, staying hard longer during intercourse is an extremely important factor when making love to their partners. However, because of this importance, many men have put unnecessary stress on themselves. While there are many types of medication and treatments on the market that can help a man maintain an erection, there are also natural ways in which this can be achieved. In fact, one of the main reasons why men find that maintaining an erection during intercourse can be quite a challenge is because of the way they approach their lovemaking sessions. It is important to realize that sex should be something fun. Therefore, by approaching a lovemaking session with the fear of not being able to perform well, a man is only putting himself under unnecessary pressure. When two people have fun, the last thing that they are worried about is the level of their performance. This in turn indirectly ensures that both are able to perform very well, because they are focusing all of their attention on enjoying the amount of pleasure they are giving and receiving during their lovemaking sessions. When this occurs, a man will find that staying hard longer is not something he has to focus on, because it occurs naturally. However, in order for couples to be able to have fun during intercourse, it is important that they find a connection between each other. This connection will ensure that neither party has to feel any type of unnecessary pressure, as both are able to be sincere and open throughout the whole lovemaking session. In order to achieve this connection, it is important that couples are able to communicate effectively together. Staying hard longer should never be the main focal point of any lovemaking session. The less a man focuses on this area of his lovemaking session, the easier it will be for him to maintain his erection, while at the same time still being able to enjoy himself and his partner.

When he says traditional, does he mean that its usually just him on top? Maybe just start with getting on top once in a while. Then try the more "freaky" stuff. Blow jobs, anal, 69's etc.

don't go straight to it.. also learn to use your kegels... (stem your flow of pee) as you get close to ejaculation, stop, wait until it passes, then start again... that'll make each time last longer and longer... :D

Dontt teasee him as much.. and try swicthing positations.like about everyy 10-15 minss. behindd will makke him shoot though,

Ginkgo and L-arginine are nutritional supplements that are safe to take together (at a reasonable dose, as with anything, taking too much could be harmful). Both are commonly used for improving circulation which may therefore be also beneficial for erectile dysfunction (ED) (especially if circulation is a cause). However, the notion that these supplements may make you last longer in bed is not true. I am not aware of any evidence of this effect. There are exercises you can perform that can help in this, but nutritional supplements are likely not effective. Kegal exercises can help you control ejaculation for longer sex. See here for more info: http://sexuality.about.com/od/anatomyresponse/ht/kegelsmen.htm Arginine is a common and natural amino acid. It is commonly used for circulatory problems becasue it is an NO (Nitric Oxide) precursor. NO causes relaxation and dilation of your blood vessels allowing blood to flow. The theory is that by taking arginine, you can potentially increase the amount of NO in the blood, and therefore improve circulation. Ginkgo biloba tree leaf extract has been used therapeutically in China for millennia. The active ingredients of Ginkgo biloba extracts contain many different substances but most of them fall into two main categories: Terpenoid lactones and Flavonoids. Ginkgo is most commonly used to help memory and mental function (and research reveals this effect may be due to increased circulation in the brain.) In terms of erectile dysfunction, there may be a benefit to using both arginine and ginkgo (because of the circulatory benefits). See the following sites for specific research in regards to the effect of arginine and ginkgo for ED: http://www.erectiledysfunctioncentral.org/?s=arginine http://www.erectiledysfunctioncentral.org/?s=ginkgo Dosage is also a key factor. One study with a low dose showed no effect with ED (http://www.erectiledysfunctioncentral.org/erectile-dysfunction-research/effect-of-oral-administration-of-high-dose-nitric-oxide-donor-l-arginine-in-men-with-organic-erectile-dysfunction-results-of-a-double-blind-randomized-placebo-controlled-study/) and another study with high dose revealed some benefit for ED (http://www.erectiledysfunctioncentral.org/erectile-dysfunction-research/effectiveness-of-oral-l-arginine-in-first-line-treatment-of-erectile-dysfunction-in-a-controlled-crossover-study/) It would be advisable to seek professional advise from an expert in nutritional supplements (i.e. Naturopathic Doctor or MD with training in nutrition). Here is another good article on nutrional supplementation (including arginine and ginkgo): http://www.erectiledysfunctioncentral.org/erectile-dysfunction-research/nutrients-and-botanicals-for-erectile-dysfunction-examining-the-evidence-2/ (click on the yellow "alternative medicine review" button for the full article)

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