Sexual Related Question Related To An Erection Please Help Me Understand This I Need Some Help

every time in sex intercourse if a man can't last more than 5 minutes or last longer as he wishes, what is the best thing to do to get the best results?

Incubationer LTD are hilarious and good question. And who is the put her out of your bed a punishment for? The husband or the wife?

you got to take it slow, kiss her alot!!!! touch her body, without touching it, stay about as thick as a dime away from her body,run your hands down the side of her body. its very important that you learn the stop pee method, you know when you pee, hold it, that muscle has alot to do with coming to fast learn to hold it ,let go hold it let go, do reps of 25 a day and 25 at nite. when you feel like your there and dont want to, pull out and move her into a different position. this gives you time to relax it from coming to fast. take deep breaths, pace your self dont go in there like a jakrabbit or youll blow it. VERY IMPORTANT: After your done, kiss her on the neck on her back in her arms hands shoulders neck again her hands a gain hold her untill she falls sleep and hold her like your on a raft in the middle of the ocean!

Have sex when your less than totally horny? Huh? When does that happen? And a guy actually told you that worked on him? It wasn't with you was it? You seem to know a little bit more than I do...maybe you can teach me...LOL just playing... hey dude...trying not thinking about it...concentrate on a different part of your curling your toes...or contracting you sphincter...or pc work that out by trying to make yourself stop peeing while your learn how to stop that flow and you can stop any flow....go for it and see if it works...

thats easy, its because you only do it once a month. you have all the built up feelings. sex is very different than masturbating. after u have the foreplay, then masturbate, and 'finsh' yourself off, or you can have her help. then have sex that usually makes a guy last.

Have you tried having sex twice in a row...? My bf always used to come in 2min the first time, the second time after like 20min he would last alot longer...and so on lol

I bet you were dreaming. You were so tired, that you started dreaming before you actually crashed. You know when your asleep, but your awake. You can hear whats going on still, but your sleeping... Either that, or you got slipped a hallucinating drug.

The doctor could be right, but I'm guessing he bent the truth with the doctor because he wanted something that like response. He may have also misinterpreted the doctor. He can't admit it is his problem and a lot of people are like that with a lot of situations, it pisses me off.... If he wants to get better, it's going to be a hard habit to break since it has been going on for so long. He needs to pretty much take his time and when he is about to come (even if it is after 5 seconds hahaha) he needs to cool off for a couple seconds then keep going. Just a matter of experience. It'll be hard for him though since he has the habit... One last note: I wouldn't entirely believe everything he says, but that's just me. Hope this helps. Worst case senario end it permenantly, that would be the easy way out though but it's your call

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Sexual Related Question Related To An Erection Please Help Me Understand This I Need Some Help

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