My Husband Is Boring In Bed

every time in sex intercourse if a man can't last more than 5 minutes or last longer as he wishes, what is the best thing to do to get the best results?

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I do not sleep with men, but i think it is the same for any sexual partner. If it lasts too long, it becomes more of a chore. Sex shouldn't feel like a shore. As with vaginal penetration after a while, if the proper lubricant is not used it can become dry, and cause pain. I do not like to put a time limit on sex, it depends on your mood and the situation, but i can understand where your wife is coming from.

masterbating for a long time frequently may lead to many health problems like memory loss, tiredness, lethargy, depression, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation. stop masturbeting. there are several treatments for this like acupuncture, yoga, exercise, pilate, Tapping technique. Good luck

does he know there is a problem? Tell him and work on it may help if you are on top, that way YOU have control of the situation.

Trust me you don't want child workers views on this. It wont be welcomed. I personally think(as a parent of 2 boys) that children should be taught how to be independant in sleep as early as babies. I never had my children in bed with me even when they were ill. I would comfort in anyway I could but they know that Mummy and Daddy's bedroom is our private space and they don't enter it. Likewise if my eldest son is in his room we always knock and wait to enter. Im sorry if this seems harsh but what you have been doing is wrong and is teaching him things he shouldn't even be aware of yet. Yes daddies parts are the same as his thats fine but talking of what body parts women has personally i think is wrong. There is a time and place for education and i don't think it starts in mummys and daddys bed. You will have a hard time getting him to uderstand the simple things in life now. I think any health professional reading this would be horrified.

Well you might want to say 'let's go for more than once' or something like that. For herbs try Stinging Nettle Root and perhaps yohimbe. The stinging nettle root should be taken every day and will help after a week or so. The yohimbe is a before the event thing. Nettle Root is pretty safe, and can be taken for a long time. I'd try that first along with acting sexxy and encouragement. The yohimbe is something to need to be more careful with, i.e. don't mix with caffeine. Have fun!

A condom will help with the sentive nature of what you are doing. Also the more he practices the better his control. It does take time.

usually its because he know how to get himself going with his hand, and its hard for anything else to get him off. He needs to back off the masturbating and rely more on sex or oral if its a problem. There might be some other problem and its best to check with a doctor.

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My Husband Is Boring In Bed

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