Does Sticking A Battery In The Freezer Make It Last Longer

ok. im a guy. i was over at a friends house one day and we decided to "experiment." I was super turned on, however i took a long time. it was a handj8b and oral and it took me almost 2 hours. why do i take forever to get off? Also, I masturbate every night before I goto bed and I don't jack just to jack i do try to focus on trying to simulate sex. like thrusting in my hand. would this make a difference?

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Not sure how old you are but I am guessing your young and don't worry most guys have this problem when start having sex. The best thing you can do is keep having sex and practicing. One thing that works is to distract your mind from what your doing, I know yoga can help this too. If you've been having sex for say a few years now then you should go see your doctor because you should be lasting longer by now. Good luck.

he could get some medical help... lasting less than 5 minutes isnt healthy and is categorized as "PREMATURE EJACULATION" and needs medical help!! I have read about this so often!! good luck

offe rto have them read a book on karma sutra this teaches tecniques on forlonging the male orgasam also try suggesting that he masterbate beforehand i hope that these suggestions help and good luck

Ha ha ha.!!! Crazy Americans, lol.!!! Excellent ones so 10/10.!!! Got me laughing, Florida - no parachute, lol that is crazy.!!! Cheers Chris.!!!

You need someone to talk to: will your gf listen to you talking about your issues? It's difficult, but honesty is the best policy. Please don't be intimidated by her greater experience: just be happy that you're together. Good luck :)

why are u having sex with someone that you don't even no. that's probably how you got herpes in the first place. you should probably get different rooms.

One, if you aren't using condoms, they may help a little. Two, there are desensitizing creams that can help, but they may cause an allergic reaction. The best thing to do would be to talk to your boyfriend and explain how you feel. Sometimes it just takes a little willpower and he should be considerate of your happiness as well as his own.

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